A Business Tool With 24/7 Availability

It's a modern expectation that every business should have its own website, and it's quite beneficial. Think of a website as an always-available representative able to assist multiple users at once, ready to collect potential sales leads and full of answers to your clients' questions. It's never late for work or gives an excuse to leave early. The best part is that you only have to pay it once a year to remain functional. Whenever you want it to increase performance and reach, simply add an SEO package and get improved results everytime!

Ready For Any Device

Our websites are ready for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and mobile devices.

Keep Tabs On How Well Your Website Is Performing

Website statistics allow us to see how much traffic comes through your website, where users are from and which pages they spend the most time on. Accordingly we are able to improve your website to best fit the needs and wants of your users.

Available Website Packages:

Frequently asked questions

Can I use an existing domain for my new website?

Yes, we will request login details to your registrar so we can update the DNS settings to point to your new website. Alternatively we can also forward the DNS settings to you via email.

Are your servers reliable?

Yes, we use some of the most reliable servers on the planet (Google servers)

Do you have any cancellation fees?

No, we do not have any cancellation fees, however you should let us know at least 30 days in advance about any cancellations.

Do you give refunds?

Unfortunately not at all. There are certain costs we need to cover such as security certificates, hosting, licenses etc.

Do you charge any additional fees for a new domain when I order a new website?

No, if you do not already own a domain, we will register a single .co.za / .com domain for your website free of charge.

Do the yearly fees increase like with some other companies?

No, the yearly amount will remain the same as the price of your initial year. If our website packages increase in price, that price will only be applicable to new users. Your price will all through out remain the same.

Do you edit existing websites?

No. Instead we offer a complete website solution, starting from scratch to make the website as efficient as possible. Should you wish to make changes to a website designed by NEXUS IT, we will gladly assist you in making those changes.

Do I get access to edit the website myself?

Yes, but only with specified packages. (will show in package description)

How can I get my website to show higher up in searches?

This requires a specialized service referred to as "SEO". Please refer to our SEO page for more details.

What is the difference between 'on-page SEO' and 'off-page SEO'?

You can find out more about the importance and different types of SEO on the SEO page

Do your websites allow FTP?

Not the standard packages, if you require FTP features you can request a customized quotation with more details about your needs and expectations. web design, website design, web design polokwane, website design polokwane, internet design, web designers in polokwane, internet design, internet design, internet design, website designers in polokwane, web designer, internet design, internet design,