About Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Essentially, Search Engine Optimization is the name of the process when a person or entity optimizes your website so online search engines can easily be able to find and suggest it to online users when they search for something on the internet.

How SEO works

When we explain this to our clients, we like to visualize it for them:

A jobseeker comes to your company looking for a job, you contact the given references to see if the jobseeker is an experienced and trusted worker.

Now please imagine the above sentence with:

  1. You - as the Search Engine
  2. Jobseeker - as the new website
  3. Jobseeker's references - as the SEO

The search engine takes a look at the site and it's SEO to see if its content is relevant to the search and if the website is trusted enough for the user to visit.

What determines how well my website ranks?

There are tons of factors and details that determine how well your website ranks in search engines, and the importance ratio of each factor keeps changing with every update.

Among these factors are your website's page load speed, content relevance, URL authority, page authority, domain authority, page rank, domain rank etc.

How long does SEO take to complete?

Each package is different, depending on the size of the order, a package can take anywhere from 2 weeks up to 4 months to complete. These massive packs come with rank increase Guarantees and can even cause hundreds of thousands of references to your site over multiple large platforms.

Different types of SEO

There are 2 main groupings when it comes to SEO:

  1. On-Page SEO - Website content, speed, security. (Requires direct access to website, usually done by web designer)
  2. Off-Page SEO - High Authority online references to your website (Does NOT require direct access to website)

Having only one of the above will mean very little to your website's rankings. To successfully rank higher, you need an efficiently designed website paired with high quality off-page SEO.

Although we can't spew all our secret techniques and knowledge, we believe every website is supposed to be on-page optimized when it gets published - unfortunately some other companies don't feel the same and charge extra for this service. Off-page SEO on the other hand is always charged as a seperate service unless it is included in a website bundle.

There is also an ad service known as PPC - Short for "Pay per click" (Does NOT require direct access to website). It is exactly as the name states - you run an ad campaign and the highest bidder shows on top. Everytime a user clicks on the link, the bid amount goes out of your account.

We do not personally use or recommend using a PPC service unless it is absolutely necessary. It gets very expensive, very quickly and has no remaining positive influence on your website once you stop using it.

Since NEXUS IT believes in long term, cost effective solutions - our off-page SEO solutions will still positively affect your website even long after you quit using the service.

The importance of SEO

Many people don't fully understand the high importance of SEO. Once again we'd like for you to visualize something:

Imagine you have this spectacular 5 meter wide board to advertise your company, but it is lying face down somewhere inside a storage facility.

- Your business exists, but your website (the beautiful board) is of no use because it has no SEO (isn't in a visible place).

Metaphorically speaking, our SEO service finds the best spot for your board. Complete with market and keyword research so your website reaches it's full potential.

All of this seems lovely, but what can I expect?


Cost Efficient

These are 3 different websites designed by NEXUS IT, with 3 different budget ranges, in 3 completely different industries.

For a frame of reference, none of these companies even went over the low price mark of ZAR3500 in total for SEO.

Sure we have a whole lot more to show you - if you'd like to see more, or want references to contact - just let us know.