Photorealistic Rendering

We take your regular 3D project and turn it into something unreal! Professional 3D rendering really makes your projects stand out from the competition - seal the deal with that big corporate client once they see your work the way it's meant to be seen.

Why don't more people make use of 3D rendering services?

The truth is that most companies charge quite a hefty fee when it comes to rendering - and in most cases those prices are justified:

  1. For starters, you need a system with enormous processing capabilities. That means high-end hardware, those definitely aren't cheap - high-end hardware also requires proper cooling and a fair amount of electricity.
  2. Next you need the right software. Sounds cliché right? Well if you have software that is incompatible with your hardware, you just lost a ton of money on a software license you can't use, or you have to buy other hardware.
  3. Now that you have the resources to render something, you need someone who knows how to use the software (i.e. 3D designer / 3D artist). This is also incredibly expensive depending on the amount of work the project needs.
  4. Lastly there is post-processing. After the actual rendering work is over with, you need someone to do some touch ups to liven up the colors, add backgrounds, effects and other super fine details for that final touch on the rendered images or video.

All round it is a lengthy process to get everything perfect. According to CGArchitect, the average rendering price per still image is around $1000 - $2000 (USD). Currently in South Africa that translates to roughly R15 000 to R30 000 per image - we feel that is really a bit steep.

If you're not sure what rendering work is or what it looks like, then take a look at some of NEXUS IT's rendering work:

What are our Rendering options?

In short we have 3 different options:

These 3 options apply to both architectural renderings, product renderings and any other form of 3D model rendering:

  1. RENDERING ONLY - We render your project scenes with provided materials as is. No changes will be made to the project. This is perfect if your project is render-ready and only need someone with the software and processing power.
  2. IMPROVEMENT + RENDERING - We make significant improvements and replacements to the materials used in every scene, insert artificial lighting, insert realistic grass and water etc; fine tune and then render. This is perfect if you only have the 3D model and still need better textures, a 3D artist, processing power and post processing.
  3. VIDEO RENDERING - This option is for video rendering instead of a still image render. We improve / replace the materials in the project if necessary, insert artificial lighting, add wind, moving vehicles, moving people, realistic water waves, birds, butterflies, weather etc. according to project requirements. the video can follow any path you choose (i.e. circle the model, various scenes, custom defined etc.)

What do we need from you to get started?

To get started right away, we need you to email the following to

  1. .3ds / .kmz / .obj / .skp 3D project file (.skp for any version up until 2019 works best for still images).
  2. Scenes in the project for every image angle you would like rendered (if applicable).
  3. Include description / project requirements (optional but recommended).

​Then after discussing your project needs via email / WhatsApp, please send us your proof of payment for minimum 50% deposit. We will provide you with our banking details during the discussion.

*Please note: With a 50% deposit you will receive watermarked draft quality renderings. Once 100% of the payment is received, we will send you the full quality renderings without any watermarks (unless you would like the renderings to be watermarked with your own logo.)

Interested? Please fill and send the below details

* After submitting your details here, please email the 3D project files to for processing preparations.