Our goal is to provide reliable long term solutions

IT Support specialists that want to help

Business isn't all about profit. We find it is about the relationships you build and really wanting to help people succeed. Passion drives our success.

We provide professional IT & Web advice - whether you follow that advice remains your choice - We are at your service, so we do what you ask.

what separates us from the rest?

10+ Years of passionate experience in IT!

At NEXUS IT we really love what we do. Not only do we get the job done properly - we also build lasting relationships with our clients. We reliably walk you through the best solutions - no matter how much or how little experience you have with technology.

We see the world differently

To understand a computer, you need to think like a computer. A trait that many have, but only a few have mastered. We don't see the world as one big piggy bank - we see it as a rather beautiful place, full of invisible connections, endless possibilities and a lot of people to help!

As computers are constantly evolving and have already become an integral part of our daily lives, we find it very important to keep our knowledge up to date. Having worked on many different generations of computers, we are experienced enough to do quick troubleshooting and offer a viable long term solution together with sound future advice.

We are very connected

NEXUS IT has spent a considerable amount of time focusing on how to better client experiences. One of those ways are by having a great variety of broadly related services. We have partnered up with top-end companies in the marketing, hosting, and hardware distribution industries to get better quality products at more affordable rates. Our online influence is spread world wide with access to tens of thousands of web pages - enabling us to raise awareness of your business, no matter where you are located.

Why we do what we do

Our Story

Starting off as a local service that only repairs computers, NEXUS IT Polokwane quickly started expanding it's range of services. Faith, constant service improvements and simplicity carries us forward.

"By offering amazing value and genuinely caring about our clients, NEXUS IT quickly started excelling. We see every project as a new adventure that enables us to help someone on a personal level and gain valuable experience!" - CEO

Shortly after starting up we noticed how expensive websites can be; We searched tirelessly to find more cost effective web solutions, but couldn't. Right then and there our online journey begun. NEXUS IT started covering a major gap in the market for low-cost highly efficient websites, focusing on the informative business website design. The web solutions were a big success and with it came demand for other specific, widely related services such as digital design.

The saying 'practice makes perfect' is true, but it doesn't tell you what an exceptional amount of practice is necessary for success. NEXUS IT surpassed practicing and took action with unique practical designs.

Our story continues to evolve, and so does our experience & happy client base.

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